Our Vision is to become the most well known Badminton club of India. To have top of the mind recognition, the first name people should reckon to when they think of Badminton club. The name, “SEDRA SPORTS”, will become synonymous with home grown badminton champions, A place known to produce shuttlers of International standards. We have obligation towards the society, and a commitment to achieve.


SEDRA SPORTS is to produce world class players who will compete in International Badminton tournaments. Starting with the widespread interest, we organize on a community level and elevate the sports to the National Level, We do not stop at the recreational and personal health benefit of the sport, but we press on to produce players who will compete on the national and then to internationally recognized tournaments.


Our strategy to achieve this is by focusing on professional standards of Management and coaching. SEDRA SPORTS is led by a team of veteran badminton players and coaches who are equipped to bring the sports to the next level. Endowed with a passion for badminton, championship skills and the know-how of transferring these to the next generations of players through expert coaching, our teams of SEDRA SPORTS are second to None.

Board of Directors

Flossy Gupta


Masters in Business HR from Jamunalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. An extensive experience of 18 years in setting up business and facility management.

Rana Raghvendra kumar Singh


A national player with a degree in M.P.Ed from kashi vidypeeth, Varanasi. An extensive experience of 20 years in telecome and automation.

Amit Chouhan


A National player with an M.P.Ed. from CCS University, Meerut. Training acquired from Malyasia under Mr. Han Jian, Ex-World Champion from China.

Rajesh Chaudhary



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